Anti-Life Falsehoods Imperil Women

An informative and revealing article in The Spectator illuminates how falsehoods promoted after the Dobbs decision by abortion supporters, including politicians and doctors’ organizations, are putting the healthcare and even the lives of women at risk.

The author of the article notes: “The doctors I spoke to said they encountered incorrect information about Dobbs and how it impacted their ability to provide patient care. They told me stories of confused and scared patients unsure if they still had access to basic, life-saving healthcare and doctors and nurses often reluctant to clear up that confusion or administer necessary care. Much of this fear and misunderstanding, they argued, is the result of a pro-choice refusal to provide clarity on women’s access to healthcare after Dobbs, because they want abortion be seen as a medically essential right.”

Because doctors’ organizations are enforcing the disinformation, many doctors remain silent out of “their fear of losing their livelihood.”

Unsurprisingly, the media is also in on the disinformation campaign. An example from Texas is given in The Spectator article and expanded upon with other Texas cases in this LifeNews story. Instead of holding doctors responsible for malpractice, they are instead suing the state of Texas on the basis of the falsehoods being promoted.

When asked why the media and medical professionals are engaging in this disinformation, a doctor noted in The Spectator article responded that “he believes it’s entirely driven by a political agenda that seeks to frame abortion as essential healthcare.”

Over the last few years in Colorado we have seen legislators reject a 22 week abortion ban, and even reject a ban on infanticide. Just recently they also refused to provide any anesthesia to babies about to be brutally murdered via abortion. Additionally, they refused to allow abortion pill reversal information to be distributed and are now, in fact, working to make such information illegal.

It is all a huge power play to force a false conclusion upon society: abortion is healthcare.

Abortion is about murdering children, and God help us if we ever consider it healthcare.

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