Abortionist Nearly Kills Woman But She Is Not Told

“A wise woman could say, ‘I’m not willing to have an abortion performed on me by any doctor willing to perform one.’”

This is the concluding line of a LifeNews story that describes some of the horrendous practices in the abortion industry.

One of the stories involves a woman with a normal healthy pregnancy who went for an abortion. The abortionist proceeded to puncture her uterus and pull her bowel out through her vagina.

Clandestinely transferring her to a hospital, “[s]even doctors worked on her and they did a colostomy on her. And when the reports came back, they said that it was an abdominal pregnancy and that [the baby] had not been in the uterus and seven doctors and a pathologist concurred with that…and there was no lawsuit. She was told that it had been a normal complication; it had just been amazing she had made it that long. And she didn’t know any better.”

This case is not the only one described in the article. Read further to learn just how abusive abortionists can be.

And such abuse has occurred right here in Colorado Springs: See the case of Ayanna Byer (Catholic News Agency) who was forced into an abortion by the abortionist and later had to go to the hospital because the abortion was botched.

Truly a woman should not want anything done to her by someone willing to perform an abortion!

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