ABORTION UP, Other Services Down at PP

Melanie Israel at Daily Signal does a great job providing an overview of Planned Parenthood’s most recent annual report here. Planned Parenthood received over $600 million in U.S. Taxpayer money, and spent over $45 million (through their Political Action Committee) on the 2020 election.

Medical data in the 2019-20 annual report covers the period from Oct. 1, 2018, to Sept. 30, 2019. Planned Parenthood reported:

  • 354,871 abortions, up from 345,672 the previous year.
  • 542,659 breast screenings and pap tests, down from 566,186 the previous year.
  • 208,248 well woman exams, down from 213,042 the previous year.
  • 2,667 adoption referrals, a significant decline from 4,279 the previous year.

Over 200 of Planned Parenthood’s clinics in 31 states are proud to provide hormone therapy for transgender patients. One of their locations in Denver, Colorado, is one of these 200. According to Abigail Shrier Planned Parenthood is now one of the largest providers in the United States of cross-sex hormones like testosterone to females seeking medical gender transition.

Making money off of confused, ill-informed young women is nothing new for Planned Parenthood. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that they are finding new and creative ways to profit from the tragedy of gender-dysphoria.

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