Abortion Response Should Exceed Virus Pandemic Response

Our state and nation have undertaken dramatic measures, to include shutting down travel, restricting and even closing many businesses, and mandating social-distancing as well as the use of face masks, to save lives at risk from the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

As of the morning of April 15 the worldwide death toll for the coronavirus pandemic was reported to be approximately 128,330 people, a large sum to be sure, but undoubtedly fewer than what the toll might have been without some sort of response.

Also as of the morning of April 15 the website worldometer reported approximate year-to-date loss of life from a number of different causes throughout the world such as:

  • 140,000 seasonal flu deaths
  • 283,000 malaria deaths
  • 309,000 suicides
  • 389,000 road traffic accident fatalities
  • 485,000 HIV/AIDS deaths
  • 721,000 deaths caused by alcohol
  • 1,441,000 deaths caused by smoking
  • 2,367,000 cancer deaths
  • 3,742,000 communicable disease deaths
  • 12,252,000 abortions

These numbers are approximate only, and the coronavirus toll is total (not year-to-date), but evident in the numbers is a scale of magnitude.

Note that for every coronavirus death there are more than 95 deaths of children by abortion.

One of the concerns of government authorities regarding the coronavirus has been whether it was dramatically affecting younger age groups since, of course, the youth are our future. From what I have heard, while the virus has impacted some young people, its impact has mostly been in older age groups.

Abortion is specifically targeted at the youngest age group of all, those people who have yet to be born. Therefore, abortion’s consequences are tremendously negative on our future, especially given the magnitude at which abortion is exercised, as seen in the list above.

Given the magnitude of abortion and its tremendously negative impact on our society, should not our response be at least 95 times the response we have given to the virus pandemic?

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