Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death in America

Have you ever wondered what would happen if abortion was included in all the lists of the “leading causes” of death?

A University of North Carolina at Charlotte research team did, and they proceeded to find out, publishing their results in a paper.

As it turns out, abortion tops the list by quite a margin. Using 2009 statistics (the latest available for the study), induced abortions accounted for 1.152 million deaths followed by heart disease at 599,413 deaths and cancer at 567,628 deaths, as reported in an analysis of the study by LifeNews.

In other words, deaths by induced abortion were very nearly equal to deaths by heart disease and cancer combined! Furthermore, abortion is completely preventable, unlike heart disease and cancer.

Additionally, as noted by LifeSiteNews, the study illustrated a large racial disparity in deaths: “roughly two-thirds of deaths in the black [61.1%] and Hispanic [64%] communities were caused by abortion” while [“o]nly 16.4% percent of non-Hispanic white deaths were caused by abortion.”

Notably, the paper concludes by saying that “refusing to acknowledge abortion as a death undermines the role of science and the value of transparency so fundamental to a free society.”

It is vitally important that we in the pro-life community work to increase the transparency of these realities in our communities. I invite you to look over the results of the research paper and the analysis based on the paper and then tell others about it, referring them to the same sources if needed.

Everyone needs to know that abortion is our biggest killer!

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