Abortion IS NOT Health Care – Spring 2022 Appeal

Dear Friend of Life,

You have likely heard that the Colorado legislature and governor enacted the “Reproductive Health Equity Act” (RHEA), but are you aware of what it means?

RHEA declares that Colorado considers abortion – the brutal murder of a child – to be “health care” and a fundamental right. It describes the choice to murder a child as being no different in law than the choice to give birth to a child. It denies any and all rights to the preborn child and denies political subdivisions in the state the ability to declare otherwise.

RHEA actually glorifies abortion by stating: “Access to family planning [abortion] allows all Coloradans to pursue personal, educational, financial, and familial goals….” Translation: murdering a child can be good for the family!

Furthermore, the wording of RHEA puts at risk the parental notification law, the conscientious objection for medical personnel, and even the ability to save born children from infanticide (“postnatal care” is in the Act).

Audaciously, RHEA states that these changes are needed “in order to modernize Colorado’s statutes.” In truth, RHEA’s changes are regressive, legally taking us back to the times when children were routinely sacrificed.

The difference between the culture of life and the culture of death could not be more stark. Urgent, then, is the need to counter this utterly barbaric Act of “Die-a-RHEA” by stating what women truly deserve:

At its heart, the culture of life is a culture of LOVE. Our billboard, print and radio ads this spring are declaring that a true fundamental need for women is love… Abortion is many things, but it is not healthcare, and it is NOT love.

Abortion is a terrible loss for women, families, and all of society. Love –of mother, father and child – is central to the proper respect due to human beings such that medical personnel always endeavor to improve the health of all their patients, born and preborn. Today’s true modernization is the multiplication of pregnancy resource centers that help pregnant women with just about anything they need, usually at no cost.

It is the mission of our entirely volunteer organization to promulgate this message of life and love to our whole community. In addition to our advertising, we are countering the uncivilized “Die-a-RHEA” through our newsletters, social media and website, at our presentations and human development information booths, via our Sidewalk Advocates, and through our special events including the Life Chain and Roses for Life.

Your financial assistance helps us communicate the message that LOVE is a fundamental need and that human LIFE is worth saving, protecting, and defending – at every age and every stage.

Thank you for joining PPCFL in defending Life!

Matt Niedzielski, President of Pikes Peak Citizens for Life

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