Abortion is Essential During Pandemic!?

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Across the country, and even in Colorado, Governors have put in place “Stay at Home” orders, closed or severely limited business operations, and required medical and dental clinics to cancel ALL elective procedures and surgeries. Nonetheless, abortion centers and Planned Parenthoods continue to perform abortions and in some cases their business tempo has increased. The situation is well-documented and the argument well-stated in a recent blog by Colorado Springs Ob-Gyn Dr. Kevin Weary. It is well worth your time to read here.

In several states including Texas, Alabama, and Ohio, Planned Parenthood has sued the state governments so they may be allowed to continue to perform abortions in spite of the governors of those states including in their orders the discontinuation of all abortion procedures. Judges in these three states (and possibly others by the time you read this) have blocked the government bans of abortion during the pandemic. So even in states where the governors are doing the right thing, Planned Parenthood and liberal, abortion-loving judges are making sure that women can get abortions no matter what. For more detail on what states are doing, read this .

In the meantime, pro-life sidewalk counselors and prayer partners are being chased away, or in some cases HAULED AWAY for their peaceful presence outside these abortion centers. See this story and video.

The “Stay at Home” orders for most states, North Carolina (where the video above was shot) and Colorado included, give specific permission for people to engage in outdoor activity without limitation as long as social distancing is practiced. Sections of these orders also identify as critical services “In-person pastoral services for individuals who are in crisis”. This is the definition of the activity engaged in by Sidewalk Advocates and counselors.

On the sidewalk in Colorado Springs, in front of the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains center off Centennial Blvd., Advocates continue to be present to offer life-affirming alternatives to those entering Planned Parenthood. While none of us desires or intends to go to jail, we do feel it is important to be present while abortions are still on-going. Both of Life Network’s Pregnancy Centers are open and continue to offer pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and non-judgmental, loving guidance to those in crisis. Happily, those services have not been curtailed.

I urge you to contact your governor, state, and local health departments demanding that ABORTION not be protected as an essential health service.


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