Abortion Evangelist Claims to be Pro-life

Twisted language is an oft used modus operandi of pro-abortion apologists.

A recent example, as conveyed by LifeNews, comes from comedian Lizz Winstead.

She calls herself an “abortion evangelist” and contends that women should be able to kill their preborn children for any reason at any time during a pregnancy.

Yet she calls herself “pro-life” and says everyone she knows is pro-life.

She calls those who defend the lives of children in the womb by a different label: “anti-choicers.”

She claims that “access to abortion should be legal because it’s safe and fine and not murder.”

However, she is completely wrong: abortion is not safe (just see the “Gosnell” movie, or look at the list of women who have been killed in so-called legal and safe abortion, or simply consider that the child is killed), it is not fine (even pro-abort people don’t like having to do it), and it absolutely is murder.

So, just be careful when someone calls themselves pro-life. They may have a very twisted definition of the term.


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