Abortion Environment Surrounding Colorado

A couple months ago I noted how much different a preborn child is perceived as one drives across the Colorado/Wyoming border.

In the current fluctuating and complex legal environment, it is not easy to succinctly state what the status of a preborn child may be as one crosses the Colorado border into any of the surrounding states (i.e., Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico). For instance, the Wyoming protections I referred to earlier are presently held up in court.

There have been some helpful attempts to summarize the status of abortion laws in the various states. The Family Research Council has an interactive map though it is unclear how up-to-date the map happens to be. LifeSiteNews also has an interactive map though it also is hard to tell how up-to-date it is. National Right to Life has an annual report published in January that details the laws in the states from multiple perspectives.

It appears that, with the exception of New Mexico, the border states appear to be moving towards being Life states, though in several instances it has been quite the struggle. New Mexico has become a Death state like Colorado, even instituting their own version of the “Reproduction Health Equity Act” which they are calling the “Reproduction and Gender-Affirming Health Care Freedom Act” (learn more about it at LifeNews).

The designation of Colorado and New Mexico as Death states is not hyperbolic. Pro-abortion laws are definitely about killing children but the laws in these two states go further by appearing to allow for infanticide as well (see LifeNews articles for Colorado and New Mexico).

It is scary to see just how far an abortion mentality can go, and it doesn’t appear to be done yet in the Death states.

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