Abortion Destinations

The overturn of Roe v Wade has ushered in a new environment in the United States: Life states and Death states.

The Death states, like Colorado and New Mexico, have become abortion destinations for those seeking abortions from Life states. What impact does this have on pro-life witness?

A documentary from Sidewalk Advocates for Life, as reported at LifeSiteNews, attempts to address this question, specifically as it relates to New Mexico.

As noted by a pro-life leader in New Mexico: “now there’s a different level of desperation” that is enhanced by the investment in travel expenses and time that women have already expended by the time they get to the abortionist.

Consequently, introducing women to life-affirming alternatives will be more challenging.

Since Colorado is in the same category as New Mexico, the points made in the documentary apply here as well as they do in New Mexico.

Watch the documentary for all the details.

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