Abortion As Population Control

Recently a British population control group proposed that reduced family sizes through abortion (i.e., child murder) will “save more carbon dioxide than all onshore and offshore windpower combined,” as reported at LifeNews.

From this worldview, people are nothing more than burdens on the resources of the earth. Consequently, according to this perspective, it would be better if most of us were dead.

The reality, though, is that each human life, especially if allowed to flourish, contributes much more to society and the earth than it takes from the earth. In other words, each human life is a net gain to society and the environment, and abortion robs us of that gain.

Furthermore, overpopulation is not real anyway. Check out the OverpopulationIsAMyth.com website for some simple illustrations of the reality that somehow escapes the population control advocates.

Abortion should not be promoted for any reason whatsoever, and especially not for a non-existent, imaginary crisis.

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