Abortion as a Means of Depopulation

A 1969 Planned Parenthood memo describes how abortion, among other things, was/is to be used as a depopulation mechanism.

The memo, by Frederick Jaffe, was recently the focus of author and podcaster Matt Walsh. Jaffe was responding “to questions regarding a potential national population policy, its reasons for implementation, and specific methods that could be implemented to reduce population gain in the U.S.”

In particular, at the end of the memo is a chart with numerous suggestions to reduce fertility including “[c]ompulsory abortion of out-of-wedlock pregnancies” and “[p]ayments to encourage abortion.”

In building a culture of life, it is important to understand why those influenced by the culture of death do what they do. In this case, they want to depopulate the world and abortion is one means by which they plan to do it.

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