A Text Conversation on Prop 115


On October 9th, I received the following text:

Hi Julianne, it’s Emily with No on 115.

Prop 115 is an intentionally confusing attempt to ban abortion in CO with no exceptions for rape, risk to a woman’s health, or a lethal fetal diagnosis.

Can we count on you to vote AGAINST the abortion ban?

I replied:

Hi Emily,

I plan to vote YES on Prop 115, and am disheartened and disgusted that you are blatantly lying to the people of Colorado by claiming this proposition is misleading and doesn’t provide an exception for the life of the mother. The exception is right in the text of the proposition and plain for anyone to see. Colorado’s abortion law is extreme and barbaric. It is time for common sense limitations on abortion in Colorado.

Be honest, you wouldn’t support this measure even if it did contain exceptions for rape, health, or fetal diagnosis. If you really cared about women’s health you would know that a late abortion poses far greater risk to a woman’s life and health than carrying to term and giving birth. Telling women they must kill their children to pursue their dreams or be successful is not empowering, it is misogynistic and defeatist.

Emily responded:

I will always support the right for women to make decisions about their bodies, families, and healthcare. I don’t think anyone has the right to decide what is best for another person.

I answered:

Emily, I can tell you have a heart for women. We share that in common. I will always support women by providing information on TRUE healthcare alternatives.

I just don’t believe that abortion is health care. And I do not believe, because Ob/Gyns have told me, that abortion after a child is viable could ever be necessary.

Women have many choices. We live in a great country where that is concerned. A woman can choose her education, her career or job, whether and whom to marry. These choices are all edifying choices. Not so abortion. I do not think abortion is good for women as it can be emotionally and physically damaging.

You say, “no one has a right to decide what is best for another person.”  But, what you advocate is precisely that – a woman deciding to kill her child, a unique and unrepeatable human being, is her deciding the fate of another person.

This proposition is about post 22 week abortion; abortion more than halfway through a pregnancy. A woman typically knows she is pregnant by 8 weeks. If she doesn’t want a child she has 14 weeks, over 3 months, to abort.

Prop 115 is a reasonable, common-sense restriction on Colorado’s extreme abortion law.

I’m still awaiting a reply to this last text message. I am not holding my breath.


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