A Fair Assessment

Amidst the smell of corn dogs and cotton candy; amidst the roar of demolition derby and tigers; and under the lights of the Ferris wheel and the midway, Pikes Peak Citizens for Life engaged those attending the El Paso County Fair.  As we have for many years, we set up our booth and invited fair-goers to consider the humanity of each and every child of God from conception to natural death. While our message hasn’t changed over the years, this year there were some new team members delivering that message.

We were very excited to welcome several students from local high school pro-life groups as well as long-time pro-life warriors who worked their first ever shifts at our booth.

I was one of those newcomers to the fair booth and want to share with you my experience.

 I won’t lie it was with some trepidation that I undertook this role. I wasn’t sure how I would feel being just across a table from someone who might strongly, even violently, oppose our views. I am pleased to report the experience was pure joy and my fears were unfounded.

Over the course of three shifts at the booth, I met and talked with kids, parents, grandparents, and singles almost all of whom were supportive of our efforts. Some even gave generously into our donation bowl.

The kids (and some adults) loved holding our soft touch babies and the littlest ones squealed with delight seeing all the models and especially the twins.

More than one grandmother shared a heart-wrenching story of loss followed by joy confessing a wrong choice followed by a right one. It occurred to me in those moments that our presence at the fair can serve many purposes not the least of which is to listen compassionately.

I will admit to seeing a few wagging heads and disapproving glances, but I didn’t let them get to me. I found myself thinking, “Maybe just by seeing our booth, someone who questions life’s value in the womb will think more about it and reconsider.”

So I encourage you, if you haven’t ever worked the booth at one of the fairs, make it happen in 2017. The Colorado State Fair is only a few weeks away.

Call the PPCFL office (719-630-1999) and get on the schedule! I promise you won’t regret it.


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