A Church at Planned Parenthood?

We all know that Pro-Life work often involves stepping outside our comfort zone. Some of us do this better than others. I know that I find inspiration from hearing stories about sisters and brothers in faith who think outside the box and put themselves “out there” to speak the truth about abortion to a public that all too often does not want to listen.

For that reason, I wanted to share this story with you. It’s the story of a pastor who felt called WAY outside his comfort zone.

Because he listened to God’s call, he has inspired a movement that is spreading around the country. That movement is The Church at Planned Parenthood. On the website MY FAITH VOTES Media Director Megan West writes about Pastor Ken Peters and the unlikely Church at Planned Parenthood. I hope you’ll take a moment to go and read the article. I’m sure it will inspire you as it has me.

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