40 Days for Life Wraps Up Friday

Even if you haven’t had the chance yet during this campaign to get out on the sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood, you can still be a part of the largest 40 Days for Life Campaign the world has ever seen. Friday,November 3rd, at 9am, on the sidewalk at 3480 Centennial Blvd, Colorado Springs, we will wrap up our campaign with a time of prayer together and a report on the accomplishments of this campaign.  See a few highlights, provided by Michele Mason, local campaign director, below:

Over 70 participants joined us in our candlelight vigil on Friday, Oct 13th. It was a very encouraging and prayerful gathering. We were blessed to have Carol Siedhoff, from the national 40 Days for Life team, to share stories and thoughts with us. Here are some of the thoughts she shared

*The no show rate for abortions goes up to 75% when people are praying at the sidewalk. 75%!! Even if we can’t approach the women because of location, just being there at the sidewalk praying is a big deterrent to abortion.
*Children make a big difference. When children are there, the reality of what abortion-minded women are doing hits them and many turn away.
*Planned Parenthood does not like 40 Days for Life, nor do they like children at the sidewalk. These two things really hurt their “business” in a big way.

Don’t forget that we are all in this together, all across the world! We are all one in this. When you are out there and it seems you are alone, remember that there are many people praying with you throughout the world. Your prayers may be saving a life here or they may be saving a life in Ireland. God’s ways are mysterious and profound. 

And More Great News!

A worker at Planned Parenthood in Colo. Springs quit on Friday! Below is the story from a sidewalk counselor who was at the sidewalk to talk to her.

“At 9 the Rosary group shows up as they do every Friday. Shortly after starting the rosary I see people standing on the side of PP, then a few mins later a large SUV leaves PP and I rush to grab info and go into the street as she drives up. She waved and rolled down her window and she thanked me but in a very emotional voice. I said, “whats going on?”

She said, “I’m so sorry.” 

“Sorry? What did you do?”


“What? Quit PP?”

“Yes ! I just QUIT!”

“Oh wow, thank God. Why?”

She said, ” last week I saw the group there praying and I felt I was in the middle and they were praying for me.”

I said, “they were.”

She agreed…(Today She) slowly started work and gathered her belongings in there and then informed them that she needed to quit. They tried to stop her… 

She said she had some savings and that its not the best time to look for work but that God would bless her for doing the right thing. She’s a nurse. Made the best money there but knows it was wrong and kept saying sorry to me and to God.

I reached in my pockets and gave her all the money I had on me ‘ maybe 80.00”. She really broke down crying and said she knew I really cared, when she heard other wise… Crying she said she needs to get away from here. I thanked her and she thanked me. Praise God!”

We don’t always get to know whether we’re making a difference out there, but we can always trust in God and in the movement of His Spirit in the hearts of the people who see us. 

See you on the Sidewalk!




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