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Dear 40 Days for Life Friends,

We had an incident at the sidewalk on Sunday (3/1/2020).

While my husband and I were at the sidewalk yesterday with 5 of our children, we were approached by a young man on a bicycle. He was very vocal, yelling, and cursing at us the whole time he was there. We prayed through the verbal assault. We packed up our signs and stuff and moved to the south end of the sidewalk to try to get away from him, but he followed us. Another prayer warrior was there with us at the same time.

My husband stood between him and the rest of us to try to block some of his language from the kids. When he did, the man pushed my husband’s sign and punched him in the face. (He was not hurt badly, just bent glasses and a scrape.) We got the incident on video and called the police. The man then threatened us and rode off on his bike.
After the fact, I realized, I should have taken my kids to the car, but in the moment, I felt kind of frozen there, praying and praying to God for this man to go away. In 15+ years of praying at the sidewalk, something like this has never happened to us before.

I am letting you know this so that you will all take precautions. This will not scare me away, nor my husband or my kids. In fact, it makes us more determined to be out there for the babies and moms in need. If we cower in the face of fear, we lose.  Do not fear. Fear is not from God.

That being said, we need to take precautions. I can’t attach a picture of this man on this group email, but if you would like a picture, just email me.  If you see him when you are at the sidewalk, call the police immediately! I found out that he has shown up to the sidewalk before. He had not attacked anyone, but was verbally abusive. No matter what he does, call the police. Then call me and I will meet you there. If they can catch this guy I have video of what he has done.
Please pray for this young man. He has obviously been through a lot to be so angry and hateful.

I am very grateful that my husband was out there with us when we were praying. Men, we need you!
A big thank you to all the Knights at Night who have been out praying at the sidewalk!
God bless!

Here are the safety guidelines:

  1. Stay safe, always.
  2. Try to have at least two vigil participants.
  3. Never be alone after dark.
  4. Conduct the vigil in a safe and public or otherwise lawful location.
  5. If you feel threatened, leave and call the police.
  6. If your path is blocked call the police.
  7. If you are touched, call the police.
  8. If you can safely do so, photograph/film events.
  9. If the police arrive, be polite and cooperative.
  10. If you are ordered to leave by competent governmental authority, do so and contact 40 Days for Life headquarters.
  11. Do not trespass.
  12. Do not threaten.
  13. Do not touch others.
  14. Do not display or discuss weapons.
  15. Do not curse.
  16. Do not block anyone’s path/right-of-way.
  17. Obey all laws.

I have some spiritual warfare prayer cards available and a perimeter prayer (which we forgot to pray before we went out). If you would like one, let me know. I can email or mail them to you.

“Therefore, take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”
Ephesians 6:13

Michele Mason
Colorado Springs

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