40 Days for Life Local and International Success

Our local 40 Days for Life coordinator, Michele Mason, reports that a baby was saved during this fall’s 40 Days for Life effort.

As a mother drove out of Planned Parenthood, she waved her ultrasound picture out the window, saying “I’m keeping my baby!

That brings the number of babies known to be saved in Colorado Springs to 29!

The 40 Days for Life organization is reporting 757 lives saved, nationally and internationally, from abortion since the fall campaign began on September 23. The 40 Days prayer vigil was held in 588 cities in 36 countries.

While reporting the results of the latest prayer vigil in this video (70 minutes long), Shawn Carney, the president and CEO of 40 Days for Life, announced a new program called 40 Days 360 which involves keeping a prayerful witness in front of Planned Parenthood for every hour they are open all year long.

Michele Mason has indicated that she plans to include Colorado Springs in this new program.

Stay tuned for additional details as this new program is rolled out for the Pikes Peak region.

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