40 Days for Life – Lent 2020 – Update

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Praise the Lord!
A baby was saved from abortion in Colorado Springs last Friday (3/6/2020)!

A couple who was driving into Planned Parenthood was stopped by a sidewalk advocate/40 Days for Life volunteer. When asked, the young woman in the car said they weren’t going in for an abortion, but the volunteer got the feeling that she was not telling the truth. The couple was given information about the Pregnancy Center and the volunteer spoke with them a bit, sharing about all the help that was available. Before they left, the volunteer told them that babies die in Planned Parenthood.

After while in Planned Parenthood, they came out and another person spoke with them on the way out. They told the volunteer that they weren’t sure what to do. They were given the abortion pills to take at home, but had mixed feelings. After speaking with the volunteer for 10 minutes, the woman made a decision and threw the abortion pills away from her, scattering them across the sidewalk.

Here is another happening that a vigil participant shared. God is doing wonderful things!!
Keep up the good work!
This is from one of our “Knights at Night”

“Those of us who pray during the late evening and nighttime hours often wonder if our visual presence accomplishes very much, since there is so little traffic going by, and there is no activity going on at Planned Parenthood during those hours- and, therefore, no patients to influence. Hopefully, in a least this one instance, Al and I were able to make some small difference…

A car was travelling north on Centennial and I noticed that it slowed as it neared our corner….The passenger side window lowered, and I noticed the driver was a female who appeared to be in her late twenties or early thirties, and that she was motioning for me to approach the car.  I went over and we exchanged greetings.  Then she asked if Al and I were “with that Pro-Life group”.  I told her we were with 40 Days For Life, and explained our 24 hour a day prayer vigil to end all abortions, but especially those performed at the local Planned Parenthood facility.  She replied, “That is so wonderful.  I can’t believe anyone can actually kill an unborn child.”

I gave her the web address for 40 Days For Life…  She seemed very excited to find out she could actually become an active participant in our vigil.  She thanked me personally and all the 40 Days For Life participants collectively for our efforts.  As she prepared to drive off, she again thanked me for the information, and said she was going to share it with all of her friends.”

There have been a couple more incidents with a young man at the sidewalk (different man than last time), but no one was hurt. It was mostly verbal. Please stay safe and follow the guidelines I sent in the last email.
God bless!

Please send pictures and happenings!

Michele Mason
40 Days for Life
Campaign Leader, Colorado Springs

“Therefore, take the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.”
Ephesians 6:13
Save the dates!


40 Days for Life Midpoint event-

Join us and the amazing worship group from Hope Chapel!

March 18th, 5:30 p.m.-At the sidewalk

Closing Celebration
April 5th 2:00 p.m.
Life Network Pregnancy Center
Galley Road

More info.to come…

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