2022 Pro-Life Bills in State Legislature

There are four pro-life bills so far in the Colorado state legislature that we are following, all of them in the House of Representatives:

  • HB22-1047, “Protecting Human Life at Conception”
  • HB22-1075, “Induced Termination of Pregnancy State Registrar”
  • HB22-1079, “Abolishing Abortion in Colorado”
  • HB22-1136, “Ultrasound Video Demonstration in Sex Education”

Follow the links above to learn more about the bills at the legislature’s website.

The first two bills listed above, HB22-1047 and HB22-1075, are both scheduled to be heard in the House Health and Insurance Committee on February 23 at 1:30 pm in room HCR 0112.

We encourage you to send messages to the members of the committee in favor of passing these two bills (HB22-1047 and HB22-1075) out of the committee. The members of the committee are listed on the legislative website and contact information for the members can be accessed from there.

We will likely be sending one or more people to testify in person. If you are interested in going, let us know and perhaps we can work together on transportation.

We have learned that the representatives are most likely to take notice when they receive short, individualized messages from many people. So we encourage you to send a short notice, whether by email or phone or letter, and then encourage others to do the same.

Thank you for your efforts to support and defend life at the state legislature!

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