2018 Lenten 40 Days for Life Closing Touches Hearts

The following is a note from Michele Mason, our local 40 Days for Life coordinator:
Dear Friends,
Our closing celebration was very encouraging! Bishop Sheridan and Fr. Greg Bierbaum led us in prayer and gave us much encouragement. Juli Hobin shared her testimony with us, which touched our hearts in a deep and profound way. She encouraged us to pray for and reach out to moms (and dads) who have had abortions since they are in such deep pain. Hers is a story of forgiveness and redemption in Jesus.

We have all received forgiveness and redemption from Jesus for our own sins. As we are now in the holiest week of the year, let us thank our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for taking our sins to the cross and paying the price for us all. He is our hope, our healing, and our redemption!

Congratulations to Gary and Kathy Welch, and Rose Anne Schienle, the recipients of the Fr. Bill Carmody, Life Champion “Wilson” Award for their dedication of praying at the sidewalk and helping the pre-born and their mothers and fathers as well as leading others to get post-abortive support.

International 40 Days for Life Results (Numbers are still coming in)
Spring 2018 effort- 490 lives saved!
Cumulative- 14,488 lives saved! 186 abortion workers quit! 90 abortion centers closed for good!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers and hard work! Stay tuned…next week I will share what we can do next! Changing lives and hearts, one person at a time.

Michele Mason
Campaign Director
40 Days for Life
Colorado Springs

If you are interested in continuing our efforts to make a difference in the lives of moms, dads, and babies, please consider joining our team of Sidewalk Advocates for Life. Basic Training for Sidewalk Advocacy will be offered on April 15th from 1-5pm. Email me at julie@baileypeople.com for more information or to register. You can also sign up for training by going to Sign Up Genius

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