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Matt Niedzielski
10 December 2016
PPCFL Events
We recently completed a lengthy and controversial election cycle in which we ardently fought against physician facilitated death in all its forms – from abortion to suicide. Some battles for life were won –some were lost. Out of this fiery political furnace “we the people” forged, with our votes and our ballots, a future direction upon which our society will embark. With the election of candidates declaring pro-life positions regarding abortion, voters have signaled their desire to move to...
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Matt Niedzielski
22 August 2016
End of Life
Now that “suicide by doctor” (physician assisted suicide) is on the ballot, many pro-life organizations and people are shifting their education efforts into high gear so that the electorate may have some reliable information about the measure before they vote this fall. As part of this effort, a new website has been brought online with facts about assisted suicide, news articles, videos, and other information including the wording of the assisted suicide initiative. Are you able to address...
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Matt Niedzielski
30 April 2016
Several news outlets have commented on a study published this week by Northwestern University researchers that reports a literal spark of light occurs at the moment of conception. The flash of light is thought to be due to a release of zinc from the egg and can be seen in a video attached to an article available at LifeSiteNews. A quote from Teresa Woodruff, an obstetrics and gynecology professor at Northwestern, says it all: “All of biology starts at the time of fertilization.” Of cours...
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